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The modular design of our assembly line allows us to handle different customers and different high-voltage electrical products with ease. Our production line is suitable for: vacuum circuit breaker, medium-high voltage switchgear, mutual inductor, disconnecting switch and other assembly production.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Medium-High Voltage Switchgear
Medium-High Voltage Switchgear
Pole-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Pole-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Gas Insulated Switchgear
Instrument Transformer

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Assembly Line Solutions – Modular Design for VCB RMU GIS PVB Switchgear Parts

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Production Line is an automated or semi-automated assembly line specially designed for the production of vacuum circuit breakers. It includes multiple workstations such as parts cleaning, assembly, vacuum testing, insulation testing and final inspection. The production line ensures the quality of each circuit breaker through precise robotic arms and sensors, while increasing production efficiency and consistency. The entire process follows strict quality control standards to ensure that products meet industry specifications and safety requirements.

Ring Main Unit Assembly Line
The main processes of the ring main unit assembly line include frame assembly, installation of insulating parts, assembly of switchgear and earthing switches, cable connection and wiring, installation and commissioning of vacuum circuit breakers, as well as the final electrical performance test and insulation test. Each process needs to be executed in strict accordance with the quality management system to ensure the safety and stability of the ring network cabinet. The combination of automation and manual inspection of the production line improves efficiency while ensuring product quality.

Pole-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker Assembly Line
The pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker assembly line is an automated or semi-automated production line specifically designed for assembling and producing pole-mounted vacuum circuit breakers. It includes key processes such as framework construction, electrical component installation, mechanical component assembly, vacuum circuit breaker integration, and final testing and verification. This assembly line emphasizes precise assembly and quality control, ensuring the performance and safety standards of switchgear, while improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Switchgear Assembly Line
The switchgear assembly line is used for a collection of processes focused on assembling the components and parts of a switchgear cabinet into a complete unit. The main processes include cabinet assembly, installation of internal brackets, assembly of electrical components (e.g. circuit breakers, contactors, relays), cabling and busbar connections, and final electrical testing and functional verification. The entire process is carried out under quality control to ensure that each step complies with design specifications and safety standards in order to produce efficient and reliable switchgear products.

SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear Production Line
The main processes of the SF6 inflatable cabinet production line include precision metal machining, such as laser cutting and robotic automated welding, to form the cabinet structure; an automated assembly process involving SF6 gas injection and pressure control; installation of electrical components, including circuit breakers, disconnect switches, and transformers; gas-tightness testing, to ensure that the cabinet is sealed and free of leaks; and final performance testing, including insulation testing and switching operation testing.

Earthing Switch Assembly Line
The earthing switch production line process involves precision metal processing, including cutting, forming, and welding, to manufacture the main structural components of the earthing switch. Continuing with surface treatment, such as spraying a protective layer, to improve corrosion resistance. During the assembly process, key components such as the operating mechanism, transmission components, and grounding contacts are installed in place, ensuring the mechanical linkage and electrical performance of the earthing switch. Finally, strict functional testing should be conducted, including the switching operation and grounding performance testing, to ensure the safety and reliability.

High Voltage Current Transformer Assembly Line
The assembly production line is used for mass assembly and production of high-voltage current transformers & voltage transformers. The production line adopts automated conveying and connects various processes.
-Coil winding
-Insulation treatment
-Testing and Calibration
-Quality inspection

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