Production line for assembling medium-voltage & high-voltage electrical components

Current Transformer Voltage Transformer Assembly line
High Voltage Current Transformer Assembly Line
The assembly production line is used for mass assembly and production of high-voltage current transformers & voltage transformers. The production line adopts automated conveying and connects various processes.
-Coil winding
-Insulation treatment
-Testing and Calibration
-Quality inspection

Earthing switch production line
Earthing Switch Assembly Line
The earthing switch production line process involves precision metal processing, including cutting, forming, and welding, to manufacture the main structural components of the earthing switch. Continuing with surface treatment, such as spraying a protective layer, to improve corrosion resistance. During the assembly process, key components such as the operating mechanism, transmission components, and grounding contacts are installed in place, ensuring the mechanical linkage and electrical performance of the earthing switch. Finally, strict functional testing should be conducted, including the switching operation and grounding performance testing, to ensure the safety and reliability.

Power Transformer Production Line