Simple assembly line for vacuum circuit breakers

Simple assembly line for vacuum circuit breakers

The technical parameters and assembly process of the vacuum circuit breaker assembly line are customized according to production needs and process flow.

The assembly line usually includes the following key parts:

1. KBK electric hoist

Structure: Made by welding square steel, using a 0.5T electric hoist, with a universal suspension bracket for easy installation.

Lifting height: can be freely controlled, up to 2 meters.

Working voltage: 220V/110V/380V, control voltage 24V.

Lifting speed: Standard Level 2.

Chain: Made of heat-treated alloy steel chains.

2. Vacuum circuit breaker pole assembly platform

Structure: The wire support is made by welding square tubes, which is sturdy and durable.

Guide groove: Adopting 35 type universal guide wheel for guidance.

Edge protection: Using aluminum profiles, beautiful and generous.

Carrying capacity: 500KG.

3. Vacuum circuit breaker running in room and workbench

Structure: The walls and top of the running in room are made of composite soundproof and sound-absorbing materials.

Volume isolation: in compliance with relevant standards.

Appearance: The surface spray color can be specified.

4. Vacuum circuit breaker comprehensive characteristic test bench

Structure: The wire support is made by welding square tubes.

Carrying capacity: 500KG.

Testing equipment: Provided by Party A, with reserved workstations for the line body.

5. Vacuum circuit breaker chassis assembly

Structure: The rack is made of welded steel structural profiles, which are sturdy and durable.

Chassis clamping distance: adjustable, compatible with 630 series, 800 series and other products.

Rotating lifting: controlled by a cylinder or electric motor.

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