Inflatable ring main unit production line

Inflatable ring main unit production line

Composition of production assembly line

The production line of inflatable ring main unit usually includes the following steps:

1. Assembly line: including drum production line, plate chain production line, double speed chain production line, RGV assembly line, etc., used for assembling various components of the ring main unit.

2. Automated assembly production line for inflatable cabinets: specifically used for the assembly, inflation, sealing and other processes of inflatable cabinets.

3. Workbench and robotic arm: used to assist in assembly work, improve production efficiency and safety.

4. Aging assembly line: Conduct aging testing on the assembled ring main unit to ensure product reliability.

5. Logistics conveying assembly line: used to transport the completed ring main unit to the next process or storage area.

6. Non standard supporting assembly line: Customized assembly line according to special needs to meet the needs of different customers.

The characteristics of production assembly lines

1. High degree of automation: Through automated equipment and assembly line operations, manual operations are reduced, production efficiency and product quality are improved.

2. Flexible design: able to adapt to the production needs of different products, quickly adjust production lines, and adapt to market changes.

3. Safety and reliability: The design of the assembly line takes into account operational and product safety, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment during the production process.

4. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Adopting advanced energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy consumption and pollution in the production process.

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