RGV Conveyor line for Pole-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker (PVB) 

RGV type assembly line for automated connection and transportation between workstations

Pole-mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker Assembly line

On a conveyor track, there are one or more RGVs used to automatically transport the pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker (PVB) from one workstation to the next.

-Adopting servo drive, precise barcode positioning.
-Wireless signal transmission does not require excessive wire connections.
-RGV comes with a conveyor line for automatic connection and transportation of column pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker (PVB).
-Closed protective fence.
-Stainless steel sheet metal parts for long-term use.
-Flexible connection and transportation between multiple workstations.
-Distributed control.

RGV pole-mounted vacuum circuit breaker (PVB) conveyor line automatically connects multiple production processes, forming a closed-loop production system.

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