The production line for current transformers

Here is the general process for the production line of current transformers:

1.Raw Material Preparation:
Gather the raw materials needed for the production of current transformers, including silicon steel sheets, insulating materials, and conductors.
Inspect the quality of the raw materials to ensure they meet production requirements.

2.Core Fabrication:
According to the design drawings, cut the silicon steel sheets to create the core shapes required for the current transformers.
Perform deburring to ensure the core surfaces are smooth, reducing eddy current losses.

3.Core Assembly:
Assemble the cut silicon steel sheets into the core of the current transformer as per the design specifications.
Moulds or jigs may be used to ensure accurate assembly of the core.

Use specialized winding equipment to wind the primary and secondary coils of the current transformer according to the parameters provided in the process sheet.
Ensure the winding is tight, neat, and free from damage.

5.Assembly of Winding and Core:
Mount the wound coils onto the core, paying attention to the tension and position of the coils.
Perform necessary fixing and welding to ensure a secure attachment of the coils to the core.

6.Insulation Treatment:
Insulate the current transformer using specialized insulating materials, including insulating the coils and isolating the core.
Ensure the insulation layer is complete, without damage, and meets the required insulation performance.

7.Final Assembly:
Assemble the various components of the current transformer (core, coils, insulating materials, etc.) into a complete unit.
Conduct necessary adjustments and tests to ensure the electrical and mechanical performance of the current transformer meets the requirements.

8.Quality Inspection:
Conduct visual inspections and electrical performance tests on the completed current transformers, including insulation resistance tests and ratio tests.
Ensure the current transformers meet design and safety standards.

9.Packaging and Storage:
Properly package the current transformers that have passed quality inspection to prevent damage during transportation.
Store the current transformers properly until they are ready to be installed in the switchgear.

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