Robot welding ring main unit (RMU)

The application of industrial robots in the welding of ring main unit (RMU) has achieved production automation, improving welding accuracy and production efficiency through flexible fixtures and intelligent control systems. The robot welding system adopts cold arc technology to adapt to different specifications of products, ensuring welding quality, reducing manual operations, lowering costs, and promoting the intelligent development of the ring main unit (RMU) manufacturing industry.

Ring Main Unit (RMU) Robot Welding

Robot welding ring main unit (RMU) workstation

  1. Adopting flexible fixture design, the robot welding workstation can adapt to the welding needs of different models and specifications of Ring Main Unit (RMU).
  2. The robot welding system can achieve precise welding trajectory and parameter control, ensuring welding quality.
  3. For the special material of stainless-steel gas insulated switchgear (GIS), cold arc welding technology is adopted to reduce the heat affected area during the welding process and improve welding quality.
  4. The robot system can achieve continuous welding and improve production efficiency.

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