Helium vacuum leak detection equipment for ring main unit

Helium vacuum leak detection equipment for ring main unit

Helium leak detection equipment for ring main units (RMUs) is a specialized high-end equipment designed for detecting leaks of SF6 gas in power equipment such as RMUs. These devices typically integrate advanced vacuum technology and helium detection technology to ensure the safety and reliable operation of power systems. Below is detailed information about helium leak detection equipment for RMUs using vacuum technology:

Equipment Overview

Helium leak detection equipment for RMUs is primarily used for leak detection of power industry switchgear, gas-filled cabinets, RMUs, pole-mounted switches, load switches, and electrical castings. These devices usually have a high degree of automation, capable of automatically completing a series of operations such as door opening/closing, synchronized vacuuming, helium charging, detection, recovery, and SF6 recharging after manual connection of the workpiece.

Technical Parameters

  • Detection Accuracy: The annual leakage rate of SF6 is typically between 0.1% to 0.5%, ensuring the accuracy of the detection.
  • Detection Cycle: The detection time can be customized according to the customer’s needs, generally taking between 25 to 60 minutes to complete a single-box detection.
  • Vacuum Chamber Size: Customized according to the shape and size of the workpiece to accommodate power equipment of different sizes and shapes.
  • Evacuation and Helium Charging Method: The vacuum chamber and workpiece are evacuated and charged with helium simultaneously, ensuring the efficiency of the detection process.
  • Door Opening Method: The design of the left-right sliding door facilitates operation and maintenance.
  • Helium Recovery Rate: Up to 98%, effectively reducing the consumption of helium.
  • Control Method: PLC control with touch screen operation, enhancing the ease of use and intelligence level of the system.
  • Automation Level: After manually connecting the workpiece, the device can automatically complete all detection processes.
  • Safety Protection: Including light grid protection, built-in safety switches, electrical interlocks, hierarchical password control, and sound and light alarms, ensuring the safety of the operation.

Product Advantages

  • Global Procurement of Key Components: Ensures the stability and reliability of the system.
  • Helium Background Suppression to Zero Inside the Vacuum Chamber: Ensures the accuracy and high precision of leak detection.
  • Unique Helium Cleaning System: Quickly and effectively removes excess helium background, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the detection.
  • Real-time Monitoring of Helium Pressure and Concentration: Ensures the accuracy of workpiece detection.
  • Ability to Purify Substandard Helium During Use: Greatly reduces helium loss.
  • Capability to Detect Multiple Workpieces Simultaneously: And able to automatically identify specific leaking workpieces.
  • Professionally Customized Sealings: Stable and reliable, reducing false positives.
  • Touch Screen Displays Monitoring Data and Operating Parameters in Real-time: Providing clear monitoring.
  • Interlocking Protection and Sound and Light Alarm Functions of the Electrical Control System: Ensure the safety and reliable operation of the system.
  • The System has Micro-water Filtration and Vacuum Drying Functions: Ensuring that the moisture content does not exceed the standard after SF6 recharging.

Application Field

This equipment is mainly used in the power and electrical sector, particularly playing a crucial role in the whole-machine leak detection and SF6 gas recharging of gas-insulated switchgear and RMU products. Through precise leak detection and efficient gas recovery, these devices help improve the operational efficiency and safety of power systems.

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