Helium Leak Detector for Ring Main Units (RMUs)

Helium Leak Detector for Ring Main Units (RMUs)

This equipment is primarily used to test the sealing performance of power equipment such as ring main units and switchgear, ensuring that they do not leak gas during operation, especially in equipment that uses SF6 gas as an insulating medium.

The core principle of this equipment involves using helium gas as a tracer gas. During the detection process, helium is introduced into the workpiece to be tested, and then a high-precision helium mass spectrometer is used in a vacuum environment to quickly and accurately determine whether there is a leak in the workpiece. By analyzing the distribution of helium, the leak rate of the tested product can be determined. This detection system is easy to integrate and can be customized to accommodate workpieces of different sizes and shapes.

Technical specifications may include:

  • Detection accuracy: For example, the annual SF6 leakage rate is between 0.1% and 0.5%.
  • Detection cycle: Approximately 25 to 60 minutes per single box, which can be customized according to customer needs.
  • Vacuum chamber dimensions: Customized based on the shape and size of the workpiece being tested.
  • Helium charging method: Synchronous vacuuming and helium charging for the vacuum chamber and the workpiece.
  • Helium recovery rate: Up to 98%.
  • Control method: PLC control with touch screen operation.
  • Automation level: After manually connecting the workpiece, the equipment can automatically complete steps such as door opening/closing, vacuuming, helium charging, testing, recovery, and SF6 filling.
  • Safety protection: Including light grid protection, built-in safety switches, electrical interlocks, hierarchical password control, and acoustic and visual alarms.

The main application field for these devices is the power industry, particularly for the leak detection of switchgear, gas-filled cabinets, ring main units, pole-mounted switches, load switches, and electric power castings. Due to the large size and volume of these products, and the thin walls of switchgear, a vacuum chamber and workpiece synchronous vacuuming method is required for testing.

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