VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker characteristics and production processes

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) Assembly Production Line
Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) Assembly Production Line

The VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor high-voltage switching device with the following characteristics and production processes:

1.Applicability: It is suitable for three-phase power systems with a rated voltage of 12kV and a frequency of 50Hz, serving as protective and control electrical equipment, especially suitable for places with frequent operations.

2.Mechanical Life: The mechanical life can reach up to 30,000 times, and the number of full-capacity short-circuit current breaking can reach 50 times.

3.Operational Reliability: It is suitable for reclosing operations and has extremely high operational reliability and service life.

4.Easy Maintenance: The VS1 vacuum circuit breaker (standard type) adopts a vertical insulating cylinder, and maintenance and upkeep usually only require occasional cleaning or lubrication of the operating mechanism.

5.Structural Advantages: The VS1 vacuum circuit breaker (pole type) adopts a solid insulating structure—integrated solid-sealed pole, achieving maintenance-free operation.

6.Installation Flexibility: The installation form in the switchgear can be either fixed or removable, and can also be installed on a frame for use.

7.Permanent Magnetic Operating Mechanism: It uses a permanent magnetic operating mechanism, combining the electromagnet with the permanent magnet in a special way to achieve all the functions of the traditional circuit breaker operating mechanism, enhancing the reliability of the circuit breaker.

8.Arc Extinguishing Chamber Technology: It uses a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, with vacuum as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium, having an extremely high vacuum degree, and the medium insulation strength of the arc extinguishing chamber’s break is quickly restored, thus extinguishing the arc and achieving the purpose of breaking, as it uses magnetic field control of the vacuum arc, it has a strong and stable current breaking capability.

9.Testing Process: Includes appearance inspection, mechanical characteristic testing, withstand voltage testing, loop resistance testing, and vacuum degree testing to ensure that the assembled circuit breaker is defect-free and meets the standards.

10.Environmental Adaptability: It is suitable for various special environmental influences, including high ambient temperatures, low ambient temperatures, altitude, amplitude, and relative humidity.

11.Technical Parameters: The VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker has detailed technical parameters, such as rated voltage, rated short-circuit breaking current, rated current, etc., to ensure its performance and safety under different working conditions.

12.Production Environment Requirements: The production environment should be free from fire, explosion hazards, severe pollution, chemical corrosion, and violent vibrations.

These characteristics and production processes ensure the high performance, high reliability, and long life of the VS1-12 vacuum circuit breaker, making it an ideal protective and control device in the power system.

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