RMU Ring main unit Production line equipment

The production line equipment for ring main units (RMUs) is a series of specialized automated and semi-automated equipment designed for the manufacturing of RMUs, which are crucial distribution equipment in power systems for connecting, distributing, and controlling electrical currents. With the modernization and smart grid development, the production of RMUs is also trending towards high efficiency, intelligence, and automation.

RMU Ring main unit Production line equipment

The key components and functions of the RMU production line equipment:

  1. Production Line Body and Tracks: The production line body is the foundation of the entire production process, equipped with tracks to facilitate the movement of RMU components and finished products between different workstations, enhancing production flexibility and efficiency.
  2. Shuttle Carts: Shuttle carts move along the production tracks, used to transport various components of the RMU from one workstation to another, improving production efficiency.
  3. Workstation Modules: Multiple workstation modules are set up on both sides of the production line, each responsible for different production tasks such as mechanical characteristic inspection, performance testing, and gas box leak detection.
  4. Comprehensive Performance Testing System: This system conducts comprehensive performance tests on RMUs, ensuring product quality meets standards. Tests include electrical performance, mechanical stability, and more.
  5. Gas Box Helium Detection System: Specifically designed for checking the sealing integrity of RMU gas boxes, using helium detection technology to identify minor leaks and ensure product safety.
  6. Power Frequency Withstand Test System: Subjects RMUs to power frequency withstand tests, simulating actual operating voltage conditions to verify their insulation strength and reliability.
  7. Control Management System: The central nervous system of the production line, responsible for coordinating and managing the entire production process, including production planning, quality control, data analysis, etc.
  8. Welding Workstation: In some production lines, a welding workstation is included for the welding of RMU components, such as arc welding robots and panel bracket welding.
  9. Vacuum Ring Main Unit and Its Manufacturing Method: This is a special type of RMU, equipped with solid electrolyte gas sensors on the external shell, enhancing the sensitivity and response speed for detecting hazardous gases.
  10. Solid Insulated Ring Main Unit: A new type of RMU that uses solid insulating materials and vacuum arc extinguishing technology, improving the insulation performance and safety of the RMU.
RMU Ring main unit Production line equipment
RMU Ring main unit Production line equipment

Through these advanced production line equipment and technologies, the production efficiency and product quality of RMUs can be ensured.

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