Medium Voltage Switchgear Assembly Production line

Medium Voltage Switchgear Production line
  1. Cabinet Assembly:
    • The medium voltage switchgear cabinet is made of high-quality aluminum-zinc coated sheet metal. It is processed by a CNC machine and formed through multiple bending processes before being assembled with bolts, ensuring the accuracy of the cabinet dimensions and mechanical strength.
  2. Busbar Installation:
    • Before installing the main busbar, the top cover of the busbar chamber must be opened. After installation, the top cover is secured. When connecting the busbars, the contact surfaces should be smooth, free of contaminants, and coated with conductive grease or neutral petroleum jelly to ensure good electrical contact.
  3. Electrical Component Installation:
    • Electrical components such as circuit breaker trolleys, grounding switches, current transformers, voltage transformers, and surge arresters are installed according to the design requirements.
  4. Cable Connection:
    • The connection of primary and secondary circuit cables should be carried out strictly according to the wiring diagram, ensuring a secure connection and proper protective measures.
  5. Mechanical Interlocking and Safety Device Installation:
    • Mechanical interlocking devices are installed to meet the “five preventions” requirements, which include preventing the withdrawal or insertion of live load circuit breakers, preventing the mis operation of circuit breakers, preventing the closing of grounding switches when they are in the closed position, preventing unauthorized entry into live compartments, and preventing the closing of grounding switches when live.
  6. Inspection and Testing:
    • After the medium voltage switchgear is assembled, it undergoes rigorous inspection and testing, including the smooth operation of mechanical movements, the reliability of electrical connections, insulation strength, and measurement of main circuit resistance.

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